Shoulda Coulda Woulda

Shoulda Coulda Woulda

Do you know what pains me as an author? To hear this phrase:

"Yeah, I'm thinking about writing a book."

I know, it sounds good but, frankly, EVERYONE is "thinking about" writing a book.

The difference here?

You'll soon be saying, "I have a book."

Then you hand them the paperback (or give them a QR code to your ebook).

The First Step

Any (and every) process begins with a first step.

That first step is crucial because it changes your mindset from "future" to "present."

See your book below? Just by being on this page you've already taken the first step towards getting it done.

Your Book in Progress

I'm Bradley Charbonneau

I've written (and published) 27 books.

I want to help you write your next.

Bradley Charbonneau


We're going to get it done.

A Better Motivator

Procrastination Annihilation

As you can see by the book covers below:

1.) We have a sense of humor.

2.) We're going to get the books done.

3.) Thus, we'll have fun and get it done.

Ain't Gonna Happen

If this is your deadline, we're done here.

Never on Any Shelf

Perfectionists need not apply.

There's Only Today

This is on the same shelf with "Someday," i.e. nowhere.

The "Publish" Course

Everything You Need to Get Your Book ON the Shelf

See below for the Modules and Lessons.

Just like the books I write--and I propose you write--the lessons are short, punchy, and full of value.

Feel free to preview the lessons where the orange button says "Preview" to get a feel for the teaching style.

This course is closed for enrollment.