10 Days and You'll Have Your Book Done

I also have a program to write 0 books in 9 years. (That's full, sorry.)

Join us to write 1 book in 10 days.

What If It Were Easy?

What if you had a

simple and easy-to-implement

roadmap that got from you

from IDEA


in 10 days.

Bradley Charbonneau

Author of 34 Books

They keep getting easier.

I've started, finished, and published 34 books.

I've made all of the mistakes--so you don't have to.

I'll guide you through the simplest, easiest, and most fun roadmap to get your book out of your head and onto paper in 10 days.

"OK, I'm intrigued."

But What, Exactly, Are We Talking About Here?

10 Days = Your Book Done

  • 1 Decision
  • 10-Day Challenge
  • All you need to get it done
  • Accountability Group (see "Group" pricing below)
  • How-To Videos (see "curriculum" below)
  • Terrible book cover templates
  • Ridiculous Book Title Ideas
  • Easy To-Do Lists
  • Fun

PRO TIP: What you'll learn in this challenge will equip you to write and publish a book. Like riding a bike, the next one will be even easier.

I Suddenly Found the Time

Yep, I know.

This is your real goal.

Here's the thing.

We put so much pressure on creating the best, the greatest, the highest-grossing, best-selling, more profoundly-preposterously precious pile of perfect prose that one thing is going to happen:

It's not going to happen.

Through 31 books of my own and countless people who tug on my jacket tail and whisper to me, "Psst! Hey, I have a great book idea." I have come to the delicious conclusion that we need an intervention.

It's time to write our easiest book ever and do it BEFORE we write our best one.

That time is now.

P.S. If you want to secretly write your best book ever in this 7-Day Challenge, security will quietly escort you out the back door.


It's All Here

You don't need 10 weeks, 10 months, and absolutely not 10 years.

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  Now What?
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Got questions? Me, too. Answers? I have some of those, too.

Is this a joke?

No. It's really 10 days where we'll all write a short book together.

But we will joke. A lot.

Will I really get a book done?


Is it self-paced or on certain dates?

If you choose the DIY bundle, it's whenever you like for as long as you like.

If you choose the group bundle, it's 10 specific days when we'll all be working on our individual books together.

Can you guarantee my book will not win awards?


Will there be an anthology of the easiest of the easiest books?



Can I write a serious book and spend 7 years and ask 248 publishing questions and have you edit my book and get unlimited revisions on my self-designed cover?


"Tomorrow and someday are not days on a calendar."

Pete "Procrastination" Pardonheim was pretty sure he had "write a book" in his agenda for next week but he started using a new agenda and also next week was supposed to be his "catch up" week so ... what about after that?

"Forget the stars, my stars have aligned."

Melanie "Moonbeam" Millerton was waiting for the moons of Jupiter to align with the suns of a galaxy I couldn't spell and ...

It was out of her hands. Literally.

She's now has the whole wide world in her hands. ;-)

Highlights from Student Rockstars

It's Day 4 of the Challenge as I type this. I'm collecting snippets from students as we go.

We're having WAY too much fun.

The "Best Book Ever" in our mind.
A Pied Piper
When I Get Stuck
I Feel Like an Author

Especially popular with the entrepreneur set, the "Opposite" book is putting your expectations on hold and writing the book you probably shouldn't really write.

EBE Alumna Sarah Sienkiewicz published hers and uses it as an example of her own wink to perfectionism.

Shortest Book Ever

This is literally a one-word book. It's done. It's even published.

Our goal at Your Easiest Book Ever is to Get It Done.

If you have 999 more words, great.

But 1 will do to get it done.


Still stuck? Just make it terrible. Awful. Award-winningly bad.

But finished. Done. Over.