The Attic

This is a special place. A sacred spot. A mecca of sorts. 

This is where you will place those ideas for other books (not this book), plans for future projects that aren’t directly related to this project, and any and all other frolicking fairies of fun that will inevitably knock on the door of your imagination as you hunker down to write your Worst Book Ever. 

Want another secret? 

I’m trying not to use the words “trick” or “secret” or “subconscious” all too much, but they’re just too delicious to deny the space. 

You see, as we’re here in a space of lightness and joy, happiness and ease, excitement and energy because we are not bogged down with the heavy burden of writing out our masterpiece for the ages what happens is that our brains open up. It’s like spring in the woods: the birds are out, everyone feels “safe” to come out of hibernation or sleep or the coma we sometimes are in while living our regular existence. 

Your ideas will explode, your imagination will burst, the dam is open. 

Let this chapter, “The Attic,” be your playground, your sandbox, and your sketch pad for future ideas. 

Welcome to the attic.

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